Thursday, May 18, 2006

Crap has been demanded! Crap will be delivered.

today's installment of crap comes from The Master Musicians of Jajouka: Apocalypse Across the Sky.

I picked this one up because it looked kind of exotic. When I turned the CD over, I saw that Bill Laswell had produced it, so I knew it had to be cool or at the very least, the music would be crappy but the production would be cool. Both are really cool.
Ok, where the hell is Jajouka and why is it such a great place for Master Musicians to reside? Well, Jajouka is in Northern Morocco and the Master Musicians are kind of bred there to be Master Musicians. I can think of far worse occupations to be bred to do. The Master Stable Cleaners of Jajouka would be an example. William Burroughs remarked that they sound like a 4,000 year old Rock 'n Roll band. On some songs I think they sound like a 4,000 year old North African version of a Drum and Bugle Corps.
Here's the wiki entry:
I also have the Brian Jones Master Musicians of Jajouka too, but I didn't get that at the library so it would be dishonest to post.
Here is the AMG entry
I couldn't find any videos of the Master Musicians. They're probably camera shy or something.
Here's what you get:
1. Gabahay
2. A Habibi Ouajee T'Allel Allaiya
3. El Medahey
4. Bujloudia 'Bujloudia Dancing With Aisha Qandisha'
5. Alalilla 'About The Night'
6. The Middle Of The Night
7. Bujloudia Listen Listen
8. Jajouka Between The Mountains
9. Memories Of My Father
10. Mohamed Diha Utalla Fiha (Take Care Of Her Or Leave Her)
11. Sbar Yagelbi Sbar
12. On Horseback
13. Talaha L'badro Alaina

Quick Stats:
The Master Musicians of Jajouka: Apocalypse Across the Sky.
Produced by Bill Laswell on his Axiom Label.
95 MB
192 kbps lame 3.96.1
pw = DrumBanger

I found this site yesterday and thought people should know it exists.
It's a world wide who's who of Pan Flutists and their individual web sites and Pan Flute Builders and Dealers. Not that I have any great affinity for Pan Flute players or anything like that, I just thought it was kind of neat that they have their own little cyber gang.


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thank you!

At 5/18/2006 3:34 PM, Blogger mehdi said...

thank you

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You're welcome!

Your're welcome!

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