Monday, June 26, 2006

I, Escape Goatinho, have not forgotten Brazil!

I figured they'd be around a while so I wanted to hit the other Countries involved in the World Cup when I still had the chance. So here we are with Brazil. I had plenty of choices, but I'll start with this one: The Rough Guide to Samba, which is an excellent place to start if I do say so myself. I believe this is my 3rd Rough Guide posting and I wanted to really stay away from being repetitive, but these Rough Guide compilations are all done so damn well and this might be the best of the 3 I've posted. There's not one bad track on this one and highly enjoyable from start to finish. The object of this compilation is to let people know that there are many styles of Samba and to concentrate on lesser known artists. All I can say is that this is a fantastic Compilation! Some guy on Amazon said, "The song from GRC Escola de Samba Vai-Vai won the Carnaval Contest of 1999" and Mr. AMG has really good things to say about it as well.
Since Ronaldo has re-discovered that actually moving during a game allows you to get more touches, and more touches mean more shots, and more shots mean more shots on goal, and more shots on goal mean a higher probability of getting a goal, Ghana could be in trouble. But Ronaldo may have already forgotten all about that stuff since the last game with Japan. I wouldn't take Ghana lightly, but I don't think Brazil will.
Brazil 3
Ghana 1
But a round of applause is worthy for Ghana and their showing at the 2006 World Cup.

Track List:
1. Saudacao A Ossain - Leci Brandao
2. Jogo Rasteiro - Maocyr Luz
3. Pelo Telefone - Paulo Moura E Os Batutas
4. Choro #2 - Duo Barbieri-Schneiter
5. Axe De Langa (Pai Maior) - Dona Ivone Lara
6. Mangueira Chegou - Velha Guarda Da Mangueira
7. Quem Me Ve Sorrindo - Cartola
8. O Que E O Que E - Zizi Possi
9. Malandro E Malandro E Mane E Mane - Bezerra Da Silva
10. Manifestacao Do Povo - Da Melhor Qualidade
11. Nostradamus - Grc Escola De Samba Vai Vai
12. Meu Viver - Elton Medeiros
13. Feliz Eu Vivo No Morro - Monarco
14. Infra Estrutura - Nelson Sargento
15. Favela - Jards Macale
16. Olha Ze - Osvaldo Periera
17. A Cabeca - Familia Roitman
18. O Mar Serenou - Luciana Mello

Quick Stats:
The Rough Guide to Samba
65 MB
pw = SambaBoys

Shhhhhh. I've gotten hold of a clip of the Italian team's secret training methods. Don't tell anyone about this video. It's double double top secret!


At 6/27/2006 10:48 PM, Blogger L. Chupacabra said...

That was a nice dive! I understand now how they got so good at it.


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