Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Lusaphones unite!

Well it took a little thought and a little bit of imagination, but I came up with something close enough to represent Angola. They take the pitch tomorrow against Iran. I present: Putumayo Presents: Afro-Portuguese Odyssey. Yes it's another Putumayo Collection that only contains 3 songs from Angola, but it's the best I could do. I think you get the idea on this one so I don't need to do a lot of crazy talk about it. If you are still unsure, look here:
Amazon description
Mr. AMG Guy Description
What the hell is a Lusaphone?
Thanks to a lack luster performance so far by Mexico, Angola still has a shot to slip through. But I don't think they will. Iran is better than you think and I believe they'll pull this out 2 - 0.
Track List:

1. Ze Inacio - Paulo Flores
2. Maldeyeni - Mabulu
3. Na Bu Mons - Eneida Marta
4. Cor Di Rosa - Mendes Brothers
5. Homenagem A Liceu Vieira Dias - Ruy Mingas
6. Nha Fidjo - Agusto Cego
7. Canta Forte - Banda Maravilha
8. Ermons Di Terra - Manecas Costa
9. Considjo Di Garandis - Bidinte
10. N'Tchanha - Dulce Neves
11. Bu Fidjo Femia - Ze Manel
12. Ti Jom Poca - Leonel Almeida
13. Africa Mamae - Jovino Dos Santos

Quick Stats:
Putamayo - Afro-Portuguese
65 MB
160 kbps
pw = Luanda


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