Saturday, June 10, 2006

Zocalo, Hidalgo, Chabacano..

Those are a few of the streets you can travel to on El metro in Mexico City, apparently (not that I've ever been there). Escapegoat asked me if I wanted to post something in honor of the Mexico-Iran game, and since I don't own any Iranian music, I offer you Re, the third and possibly best album by the Mexican band Cafe Tacuba, a band named after an actual restaurant in Mexico City. Their first two albums, although good, were fairly straightforward latin-flavored rock, nothing to make you really sit up and take notice. Re finds the band starting to experiment. This album jumps all over the place. Every song is different, and every song is good. There are traditional-sounding songs like El aparato, the funky El ciclon, the punky, snarling, almost industrial sound of El borrego. There are smooth pop songs like El metro and slow, haunting songs like Verde. They're all good. I really like this album.
After this album Cafe Tacuba got even more experimental with the double album Reves/Yosoy, which I sometimes think I like more than Re, it just depends on my mood. Unfortunately, they have since stopped experimenting and gone back to recording very straightforward, boring songs that anyone could write. (Well, maybe not me...)

Escapegoat has been attempting to predict match scores. If pressed, I
guess I predict Mexico 4, Iran 0.

pw = metro


At 9/23/2006 1:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello to whoever is there.
First of all thank you for some truly wonderful and varied music. Would it be at all possible to re-enable the link for Cafe Tacuba: Re? Rapidshare says that it has been disconnected as there have been no downloads. So please let me be the first one as I am very intrigued. Then we shall continue to dance around our gramophone by the light of the silvery moon.
Many thanks in advance. Lagomorph lover


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