Tuesday, June 06, 2006

This probably isn't what you expect.

The cover and label of this one is different than the one I have. The one I have is on the Playa Sound label and the picture here says Air Mail Music even though it's the same CD. I'm pretty sure the world has gone crazy. I'm not sure what the deal is, but here's the Playa Sound label web site. They have a lot of interesting things like this. This is a recording that concentrates on traditional musics of Ethiopia. This label does not try to pick and choose songs that they think they can sell. It's focus is on authenticity.
It starts off with a few Urban songs with the vocals having a Middle Eastern quality about them. But as the CD unfolds, the songs get more and more sparse with little instrumentation to the point of celebratory and sacred music that are just hand claps and chanting.
Blurb from review,
"Ethiopia has an incredibly rich musical heritage. Four different aspects of that heritage are presented here: folk music, religious music, polyphony from Dorzé, polyphony of the tribes living in the south-western part of the country. The principal musical instruments we hear are the kabaro (tapered drum with two laced heads), the masenqo (single-string spike fiddle), the krar (bowl lyre with five or six strings), and the washint (end-blown flute with four finger-holes)."
All in all, if you want to sing and dance stick to a Putumayo Compilation. But if you have a genuine interest in Ethnic musics you should give it a shot.
Track 6 "Dama" is pretty dang cool.

Track List:
01. Tizeta
02. Akale-wobe
03. Chant de la région du godjam
04. Linega-linetu
05. Bati
06. Dama
07. Mara
08. Makalamelo
09. Masenqo 1
10. Masenqo 2
11. Polyphonie bodi 1
12. Polyphonie bodi 2
13. Polyphonie hammar 1
14. Polyphonie hammar 2
15. Chant liturgique en ezel
16. Chant de louange

Quick Stats:
Musiques Traditionnelles - Ethiopie
69 MB
160 kbps
pw = Ethiopie


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