Thursday, June 08, 2006

Let me introduce myself. I am L. Chupacabra,

Escapegoat's evil twin. (The L. stands for Larry.) I will be posting a few odds and ends to this
blog during the World Cup. I like the idea of posting music related to
the countries competing each day, and it seems to me that it would be a
shame to avoid posting something really appropriate just because it
wasn't found at the library. That is my job: to post crap I didn't find at
the library.

My first post is actually not related to any of the teams competing in
the 2006 World Cup. However, it is related to a previous World Cup, and
even though it's just a single song, it's just too amusing to pass up.
The song is Ally's Tartan Army by Andy Cameron. Andy Cameron is a
Scottish comedian who, in the 1970's developed a football hooligan character
for his act. In honor of Scotland's trip to the 1978 World Cup in
Argentina, he wrote this song, boasting that Scotland, "the world's greatest
football team", would win that World Cup. Although Scotland beat the
Netherlands 3-2 and ended the first round with the same point total as
Netherlands, the Netherlands progressed to the second round by goal
differential, while Scotland went home. In fact, although Scotland have
appeared in eight World Cups, they have never progressed past the first

Apparently Andy Cameron is still doing his football related comedy. He
performs a stand-up routine before Rangers home games.

Again, this is just one song, but it's worth a laugh if you've never
heard it before.

Escape Goat Note: This is one song that's a little over 2 Mbs. As you may know, it's possible often times to download a small file from Rapid Share without it screwing up your que or making you wait 80 Minutes to dl another file. I was able to dl this song and then dl another 60Mb file 2 minutes later. I just wanted to point out that this one small file shouldn't screw up your Rapid Share que, so don't be afraid to snag it. It's well worth it.
Even if you hate Soccer, this song is hilarious.
pw = chupa


At 7/06/2006 4:51 PM, Blogger Reimer said...

This is a nice wee blog: plenty of (unlikely & unexpected) variety, which public libraries can sometimes do well in my experience.

I dimly recall Scotland's 1978 World Cup. The Jocks made the mistake of celebrating winning the cup before they'd even boarded the plane out to the tournament. It wasn't long before the Tartan Army's booze-fuelled triumphalism turned to chants of "We Want Oor Money Back". With hindsight they should have been happy with pulling down the goalposts at Wembley after the then-annual (and very rowdy)England-vs-Scotland game of 1977 or so, and left it at that.


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