Friday, June 09, 2006


Uh oh, another Putumayo Compilation coming at you. Calypso: Vintage Songs from the Caribbean. This one is posted for Trinidad and Tobago who take the pitch tomorrow against Sweden. True, not every song on this comp is from T & T (where Calypso originated), but tracks 9,10 and 13 are. The rest are from Jamaica, Bahamas, and one from Haiti. This is good enough for me. This is of the older, "Banana Boat Song" type of Calypso and not so much of the 150 Steel Drummers playing on the boat dock of the Carnival Cruise Line variety of Calypso. Mr. AMG Reviewer didn't have very good things to say about this one because it wasn't the definitive collection of Calypso. To him I say feh. It is what it is and what it is is enjoyable enough for me. He did make one interesting point though, Eddy "Electric Avenue" Grant's, " Ice Records owns the original masters of much classic Trinidadian calypso, and that it proved impossible to license that material for this disc."
I know what you're thinking, "Mr. Escape Goat, does this compilation include a stupid Limbo song?" Yes gentle viewer. It includes a stupid Limbo song. So after you're done marching around in circles in your living room with the Oktoberfest music, you can grab a broom and start doing the stupid Limbo. Who knew the World Cup could be so much fun!
Track 2 will make you laugh after the first two or 3 lines or so, but the smile will fade quickly after the joke is ran into the ground for two more minutes. This one is mostly enjoyable. So enjoy!
Welcome to the World Cup Trinidad! I think it was nice that you brought your friend Tobago with you. T & T is better than you think, but that isn't going to be enough to handle Sweden.
Sweden 3
T & T 0

"Do you have a sister or brother that's really lively? That's Trinidad!"
I'm not so sure that's as big as a glowing endorsement as they think it is.
Visit Trinidad and Tobago

Track List:
1. Don't Touch Me Tomato - George Symonette
2. Yes, Yes, Yes - Calypso Mama
3. Take Me Back To Jamaica - The Jolly Boys
4. Crazy Like Mad - Leslie Scott & Irene Williams
5. Peas And Rice - Blind Blake And His Royal Victorians
6. Linstead Market - Lord Composer
7. No More Rocking And Rolling - King Sparrow
8. Goombay Drum - The Percentie Brothers
9. Fed-A-Ray - Lord Beginner
10. Kim - Lord Shorty
11. Little Nassau/Bahama Mama - Andre Toussaint
12. Barbados Carnival - Mighty Panther
13. J.P. Morgan - The Percentie Brothers
14. The Limbo Song - Frankie Anderson
15. It's Always Springtime In Nassau - Delbon Johnson

Quick Stats:
Calypso: Vintage Songs from the Caribbean
48 MB
160 MB
pw = Calypso

If that wasn't enough fun for you, here's a little clip of David Hasselhoff singing about doing the limbo in Jamaica. This video will probably make you sick with the amount of fun-ness it contains. Once again, I don't think they realize that David Hasselhoff is not as big as a glowing endorsement for tourism as they think it is.


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