Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Another good Air Mail/Playa Sound selection.

Today's entry is, Air Mail Music: Tunisia for tomorrow's Tunisia vs. Saudi Arabia match. The Air Mail series goes for a simple, authentic, and traditional approach to their compilations. If you liked the Ethiopian one I put up before, you'll like this one. Blurb from the Playa Sound site,
"Here we find pieces ranging from Hispano-Moorish music - which gave rise to the ma’lûf (Tunisian name for traditional art music of Andalusian origin) - to the music of the desert nomads, and the listener is treated to a fascinating demonstration of Oriental classical instruments, including the qânûn (zither), the ‘ûd (lute), various types of drums (darbukka, târ, bendir) and also the zukra (oboe), the nây (reed flute) and the mizwid (bagpipe)."
Tunisia's team is called, "The Carthage Eagles" and were the first African Nation to win a World Cup game in 1978 when they defeated Mexico 3 - 0. Since then, they've been in 3 World Cups: 1998, 2002 and 2006. I don't really know much about these teams so I'm not going to make a prediction. But I'm sure Saudi Arabia wants to win it's first game badly so it can erase the 8 - 0 mauling from their first World Cup game in 2002 from Germany.

Track List:
1. Tunis, I'Orientale
2. Danse Des Carabines
3. Solo De Nay
4. Danse Bedouine
5. Hommage A Zyriab
6. Danses Du Desert
7. Danse Des Gnaouas
8. Sale Guibli
9. Introduction Au Malouf
10. Fantasia
11. Danse Du Ventre
12. Danse Du Sud
13. Maloufs (Extraits)

Quick Stats:
Air Mail Music: Tunisia
63 MB
pw = Berber

The U.S team took an embarrassing beatin' Monday by the Czechs. I have exclusive hidden camera footage of the U.S. teams secret training and preparation sessions for its next game against Italy. Italy, be afraid, be very afraid!


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