Sunday, June 11, 2006

"Czech It Out", hahahahah get it? Check It Out?

"Czech It Out", hahahaha! Whooo, that's a good one huh? I absolutely had to Czech It out from the Library. Hahaha, get it? Check It out from the Library? Ok, enough of that. It just looked corny and cheesey enough that I had to hear it and boy was I unprepared for what I heard. His cornball sense of humor is quickly forgotten after you hear this guy play the hell out of the Mandolin and other Mandolin type of instruments that were built by him. From his web site. "After only a short period of time, Zenkl was performing at major music festivals and sharing the stage with artists such as Jerry Garcia/David Grisman, Tuck & Patti, Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, David Grisman Quintet, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Tim O'Brien, Peter Rowan, John McCutcheon, Dan Hicks and many others." If you're a fan of Bela Fleck, you'll like this guy. He's not as jazzy as Bela Fleck, but his technical ability is every bit as good. It's just him doing solo work with no overdubs. Every once in a while you grab something from the library that you've never heard of and are pleasantly surprised. This is one of the those times.
I picked this one up of course because The U.S. meets the Czech Republic on the pitch tomorrow. I didn't really know much about the Czech team until I looked at their roster. All I can say is Uh Oh. The Czechs are loaded with world class talent at about every position. In my opinion Onyewu is the key to American success against the Czechs. I believe Onyewu is one of the few backs in the World Cup that might be able to out muscle Koller. Problem is, the Czechs have more than just Koller to worry about. If the Czechs click together on the field, they will be a nightmare for any team they face.
I'm going to be conservative with my prediction.
U.S. - 27 (Landon Donovan will have 19 goals - Which is a 3 piece suit trick)
Czech Republic - 3

Track List:
1. Eastern Feast Yearn
2. When I Ride Through That Forest
3. Mountain Ghost
4. Annie Little Soul
5. Happygrass
6. Rock Slide Area
7. Uneaten Apples
8. Johann Do Banjolim
9. Czech And Slovak Medley
10. Al Di Mandola
11. Beauty, Power And Pain

Quick Stats:
Radim Zenkl - Czech This Out: Solo Mandolin Portraits of Eastern Europe
58 MB
192 kbps
pw = Mandolin


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