Friday, June 16, 2006


This entry is for the U.S. vs. Italy game tomorrow afternoon. The David Lomax Collection: Italian Treasury: Folk Music & Songs of Italy. First things first. This is NOT Vic Damone! This is NOT Jerry Vale. This is NOT Frank Sinatra. You will NOT hear this at the Olive Garden or any other of those fakey Italian restaurants. Although there are a couple of songs on this collection that do sound familiar, the rest are rather alien sounding. This is a sampler of the several Italian field recording sessions done by Alan Lomax in the mid-fifties. You can find them on Amazon.
I picked this one because it sounded interesting and boy is it. After you hear this one you'll probably never think of, "Italian Music" in the same way again. Well unless you're from Italy, then it might be old news. There was a rather funny review of this by an Amazon Customer who said,
"i bought this expecting songs like you'd hear while eating in Olive garden or lively Italian songs, you know, like what everyone thinks of when they think of Italian music, there are about one to three songs on it that sound similar to that kind of music, but the rest are elderly Italians chanting at high pitches that sound dark, strange, and not what you want if you want Italian music."
The follow-up comments to his comment beat him into the ground and are also funny, but in a different way kind of funny. I hope he isn't really that simple minded.
Once again, if you want to sing and dance and clap your hands, this one probably isn't for you. But if you're adventuresome and genuinely interested in hearing something unusual, give it a spin. I put this up for the smartest people in the world that look at this blog that not only expect but DEMAND oddball stuff like this.
The U.S. team has a lot to be thankful for. Thankful that the Czechs didn't beat them 8-0. Italy isn't going to be any easier. Italy is also loaded with talent and they don't really have a weakness to go at. We might have a chance if their Goal Keeper suffers from Narcolepsy, but other than that, it might be another long day for the U.S. With that in mind my prediction is
Italy -8
U.S. 23

Track List:
01 - Complesso Enalistico - Zumba Lariula
02 - Giuseppe Infuso - A La Sulfatara
03 - Rocco Cannavino - A Lina Lina and Urallira.
04 - Unidentified - Balletto
05 - Giuseppe Buieti - Tarantella
06 - Antonia Pingitore - Alla Campagnola
07 - Unidentified - Serenata
08 - Unidentified - La Strina
09 - Unidentified - Ueje Eli
10 - Unidentified - Stornelli
11 - Unidentified - Ninna Nanna
12 - Unidentified - Olive Pressing Song
13 - Maddalena Farina - Tammurriata
14 - Coro di Caldari - Alla Fiera Di Lanciano
15 - Alfredo 'Raffone' Durante - Saltarello
16 - 'Calamita' and Gucci - Stornelli
17 - Stefano Valente - Lipa Ma Marica
18 - Alberico Zanacchi - Villanella
19 - Band and Chorus of Tonco - Donna, Donna
20 - Unidentified - Trallalero
21 - Unidentified - Su Tenore a Ballu
22 - Unidentified - Ballo Tondo

Quick Stats:
The David Lomax Collection: Italian Treasury: Folk Music & Songs of Italy
67 MB
160 kbps
pw = Totti


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