Thursday, June 15, 2006

HOLA! That's Spanish for Hola. Today we have

some more World Cup dancing music, but this isn't jump up and down and shake dancing music. This is fancy dancing music that only like 6 or 8 people in the world can do right. I am not one of them. You can tell Argentina is a fun place to be because of the happy fun smiley sun face on their flag. The Story of Tango is today's musical selection because Argentina takes the pitch tomorrow against Serbia and Montenegro. I want to let you in on a secret about this one. Even though it's called, The Story of Tango, it's not a book or anything you have to read. It's really just some old school Tango music. So don't be afraid of it or anything. Mr. AMG Said, "The tango craze from Argentina is celebrated by all its masters on one disc: Francisco Canaro, Florindo Sassone, Raul Garello, and many others. The essential "La Cumparsita" leads off the charge, and there's no looking back. What is so amazing is that so much musical invention could be applied to one narrow style." I totally agree with him or something.
Argentina looked pretty sharp the last game they played and I was very impressed by Riquelme. He's a fun guy to watch. This should be an interesting game to watch because of the contrasting styles. Serbia/Mont is a big physical team that will try to push around the Argentina team and try to get away with as much as they can. I think this will be close, but I give Argentina the nod on this one 2-1. Speed Kills.

Track List:
1. La Cumparsita - Jose Basso
2. El Choclo - Sexteto Mayor
3. De Vuelta Y Media - Francisco Varela
4. Quejas de Bandoneon - Anibal Troilo
5. Verano Porteno - Raul Garello
6. La Cachila - Osvaldo Pugliese
7. El Dia Que Me Quieras - Carlos Gardel
8. Grisel - Mariano Mores
9. La Punalada - Francisco Canaro
10. Yira, Yira - Florindo Sassone
11. La Yumba - Osvaldo Pugliese
12. Adios Nonino - Sexteto Mayor
13. Margarita de Agosto - Raul Garello
14. El Firulete - Jose Basso
15. Taquito Militar - Mariano Mores
16. La Tablada - Francisco
17. Danzarin - Anibal Troilo
18. Palomita Bianca - Francisco Varela
19. Adios Muchachos - Florindo Sassone
20. Mi Buenos Aires Querido - Carlos Gardel

Quick Stats:
The Story of Tango
62 Mb
160 Kbps
pw = Riquelme


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