Friday, May 19, 2006

Me put up more crap Man.

Uh oh, here comes trouble. It appears that the Rockers are coming our way and 6 of them are holding hands. Better cross the street.
We don't want any Rocker trouble.
Look at the track and artist list. Not much to say about this one.
Other than It's a soundtrack to a movie.
I've never seen it, but I bet there is a lot of people playing music. Maybe some minor ganja usage and a little trouble with the law. I'm kind of an expert on these kinds of things.

1. We 'A' Rockers - Inner Circle
2. Money Worries - Maytones
3. Police And Thieves - Junior Murvin
4. Book Of Rules - The Heptones
5. Stepping Razor - Peter Tosh
6. Tenement Yard - Jacob Miller
7. Fade Away - Junior Byles
8. Rockers - Bunny Wailer
9. Slave Master - Gregory Isaacs
10. Dread Lion - The Upsetters Listen
11. Graduation In Zion - Kiddus I
12. Jah No Dead - Burning Spear
13. Satta Massagana - Third World
14. Natty Take Over - Justin Hinds And The Dominoes

Quick Stats:
Rockers - Soundtrack
53 Mb
160 kbps lame (as always)
pw = yuck

Peter Tosh. Live in Brazil!
Not the best video or the best sounding, but stick with it for a little bit, it's kind of funny.


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