Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Yay, circus music! Great American Main St. Band :
Under The Bigtop. Once upon a time the circus used to travel with a big band that played during the performances. As travel costs increased they just brought along a few musicians and picked up musicians to play with them from the town they were performing in. Now the music is either pre-recorded or all done by a guy on a keyboard. I guess it's kind of sad that the music is done like this now because hearing a big band live is pretty cool.
The Library has quite a bit of oddball CDs like this that usually sit in its own little section along with Military Bands, Sousa marches, National Anthems and such.
One interesting little factoid that the liner notes discuss is the exclusion of, "Stars and Stripes Forever" on this CD. If you're ever at the circus and you hear, "Stars and Stripes Forever" being played, something horrible has just happened. They only played this song if a a Tiger bit a guy's head off or something. The Clowns upon hearing the song would quickly run out and do their Clown things to distract the audience from the carnage in the ring. So if you're ever walking down the street and hear, "Stars and Stripes Forever".......PANIC AND SCREAM, because somebody somewhere has been mangled or disfigured.
One more quick thing:
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus are really making an effort to clean up their image. Here's a link about their, "Center for Elephant Conservation"
Track List:
1. Entry Of The Gladiators
2. Memphis The Majestic March 3. Caesar's Triumphal March
4. Miss Trombone - (a slippery rag)
5. Cantonians March, The
6. Broadway One-Step
7. Wedding Of The Winds - (waltz)
8. Honey Boys On Parade - (march) [Song they play when they beat the Horses]
9. Kentucky Sunrise - (two-step)
10. Jungle Queen - (oriental two-step) [Song they play when they beat the Lions and Tigers]
11. Big Cage, The - (circus galop)
12. Trombone Blues
13. Royal Decree - (march) [ Song they play when they beat the Elephants]
14. Booster, The - (an American absurdity rag)
15. Russian Circus March [ Song they play when they beat the Bears]
16. Olympia Hippodrome March
17. Clownette - (novelty) [Song they play when they beat the Chimps]
18. Circus King, The - (march)
19. Walking Frog - (two-step) [Song they play when they beat the Clowns]
20. Night In June, A - (serenade)
21. Stop It! - (one-step)
22. Follies Bergere - (march And two-step)
23. Fan-Tan - (Chinese march characteristique)
24. Copa Cabana - (samba)
25. Crimson Petal - (valse caprice)
26. Circus Echoes - (galop)
27. Storming Of El Caney
28. Barnum & Bailey's Favorite - (march)

Quick Stats:
Under The Big Top - Circus Music
82 MB
192 kbps
pw = Trapeze

Once again at no additional charge, I've included a little clip of, "Circus Bloopers"
Acrobats falling on their faces and things of that order.


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