Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"I Often Dream Of Trains"

Railroad Songs & Ballads
All Aboard! Songs by people that built, worked, or road around on trains (Hobos) from 1936 to 1959.
This one comes from the Library of Congress. Pretty cool huh? Here's the Library of Congress' Railroad Songs blurb. I guess you could also look around on the Library of Congress page to see what other kinds of oddball stuff they have too. I like this one, it's very interesting and gets you to think about stuff you probably never thought much of before. It won't win any audiophile awards, but what do you expect from a bunch of field recordings? Of note is the song, "The Big Rock Candy Mountains" by Harry McClintock, and this version is actually sang by him. The history and myth behind this song could fill a book. Here's a link to the, "Clean" lyrics on a Kid's web site. Read the little disclaimer at the top before the lyrics for a laugh, The Big Rock Candy. Here's a link to the Wiki entry that talks a little about the history of the songs and a jaw dropping verse that wasn't for obvious reasons on the Kid's web site, Wiki, The Big Rock Candy. Remember that bizarre and surreal Burger King commercial, "At the Tender Crip Bacon Cheddar Ranch?" The one where Hootie from, Hootie and the Blowfish (Horrible Band) is dressed up as a Cowboy playing the guitar and singing? Well it's really, "The Big Rock Candy Mountains." but you probably already knew that because only really smart people look at this site.
Track list:
1. Calling Trains - Various Artists
2. The Boss Of The Section Gang - Minta Morgan
3. Jerry Will You Ile That Car - Warde H. Ford
4. Lining Track - Henry Hankins
5. Roll On Buddy - Molly Jackson
6. Way Out In Idaho - Blaine Stubblefield
7. Oh, I'm A Jolly Irishman Winding On The Train - Nobel B. Brown
8. The Engineer - Lester A. Coffee
9. George Allen - Austin Harmon
10. The Wreck Of The Royal Palm - Clarence H. Wyatt
11. Train Blues - Fussell Wise, Mr. White
12. The New River Train - Ridge Rangers
13. The Train Is Off The Track - Esco Kilgore
14. Gonna Lay My Head Down On Some Railroad Line - Will Wright
15. I Rode Southern, I Rode L. & N. - Merle Lovell
16. The Lightning Express - Jim Holbert
17. Railroad Rag - Joe Harris, Kid West
18. The Railroader - May Kennedy McCord
19. The T. & P. Line - Mary Sullivan
20. The Dying Hobo - George Lay
21. The Big Rock Candy Mountains - Harry McClintock
22. I'm Going Home On The Morning Train - E.M. Martin, Pearline Johns

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Railroad Songs and Ballads
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So dumb yourself down for 59 seconds, You've earned it!
The Burger King Commercial


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Is there any way of getting a re-up with this one? Thanks.

At 7/30/2006 8:56 AM, Blogger Escape Goat said...

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