Monday, May 22, 2006

It's a treat to beat your feet

on the Mississippi mud. It appears I've posted a curveball here. Not really, it came from the Library so it was fair game.
An Introduction To Bix Beiderbecke: His Best Recordings 1924-1930. Even though his name might be relatively unknown, he is a very important figure in the history of Jazz. He played in the days of, "White Bands" and "Black Bands" and was the first White Jazz Musician that Black Jazz Musicians paid attention to and admired. From Wiki Entry, "Louis Armstrong once remarked that he never played the tune "Singin' the Blues" because he thought Beiderbecke's classic recording of the song shouldn't be touched. As he later said, "Lots of cats tried to play like Bix; ain't none of them play like him yet". Well I'll be, "Singin' the Blues" is on this one. Ken Burns' documentary, "Jazz" has a little info and some real audio clips about Bix from it. PBS Jazz. Bix Beiderbecke only recorded for 6 years and died at the early age of 28. None of the sites I looked at exactly comes out and says it, but it's pretty clear he drank himself into an early grave. More than likely from medical complications arising from drinking Bathtub Gin and Rot Gut that was often served in the Prohibition Era Speakeasy type places he played and frequented.
If you like this, look into him some more. There are at least 50 other compilations of his music. Many that are restored/remastered spanning several discs.

Track List,
1. Oh Baby!
2. Riverboat Shuffle
3. Tiger Rag
4. Big Boy
5. My Pretty Girl
6. Singin' The Blues
7. Slow River
8. Riverboat Shuffle
9. I'm Coming Virginia
10. Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
11. For No Reason At All In C
12. In A Mist (Bixology)
13. Clementine
14. At The Jazz Band Ball - Bix Beiderbecke And His Gang
15. Jazz Me Blues
16. Sorry - Bix Beiderbecke And His Gang
17. Since My Best Gal TurnedMe Down - Bix Beiderbecke And His Gang
18. Lonely Melody
19. Mississippi Mud
20. From Monday On
21. Rhythm King - Bix Beiderbecke And His Gang
22. I'll Be A Friend 'With Pleasure' - Bix Beiderbecke And His Gang

Quick Stats:
An Introduction To Bix Beiderbecke: His Best Recordings 1924-1930
82 MB
192 kbps
pw = rotgut


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