Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sholem Man!

New Orleans Klezmer All Stars - The Big Kibosh Klezmer meets New Orleans for lunch and the Grateful Dead show up to join them. I'm not kidding, this one is wacky. Some songs are traditional. Some of them mix it up a little, and some of them, like the last song, turns into a 16 minute Klezmer Hippy freak-out. There's a 1 minute pause in the Hippy freak-out song so don't freak-out. They are trying to trick you or something.

Track List,
1. The Wake Up Call
2. A Viennese Freilach
3. Chaye!
4. Klip Klop
5. Lullaby
6. Di Zilberne Chasene (The Silver Wedding)
7. Transition To Buffet
8. Taking The Flower Arrangements Home After The Wedding
9. D'Bronx Tantz
10. Palestina
11. This One...
12. The Trio
13. ...Goes To Eleven
14. Bob's Birthday Song
15. Bweep, Bweep

Quick Stats:
New Orleans Klezmer All Stars - The Big Kibosh (Shanachie)
73 MB
160 kbps (lame)
pw = craposh


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