Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Oh my God, Mali is the next Cuba!

This is what some A&R guy from the Putumayo label says about the potential of Malian music to be the new big crossover hit making money machine thing! People that say things like that give me the creeps. I've kind of bad mouthed the Putumayo label before and if they keep saying stuff like that, I'll probably continue to do so. So why then am I even posting this? Well, because this one is pretty good. Putumayo Presents: Mali is a keeper. Maybe they should Market this as, "Mali is the next Mali!" This is a consistently good compilation. 80% of their compilations are not consistently good. Putumayo is so out of ideas that they put out stuff like, Music From the Tea Lands, Music From the Chocolate Lands, and Music From the Coffee Lands for the sole purpose of pushing them at Starbucks. What's next? Music from the Cat Lands that they sell at Cat Shows? But I digress, this is one of the good Putumayo label compilations even though it seems kind of criminal that Ali Farka Touré is not represented here.
Wiki Mali
AMG Entry

Track List:
1. Maninda - Moussa Diallo
2. Kanawa - Habib Koite And Bamada
3. Ouili Ka Bo - Idrissa Soumaoro
4. Bassa Kele - Mamou Sidibe
5. Bana - Issa Bagayogo
6. Amassakoul 'N' Tenere - Tinariwen
7. Gembi - Ramatou Diakite
8. Koulandian - Keletigui Diabate
9. Fala - Tom Diakite
10. Kanou - Boubacar Traore
11. Saramaya (Live) - Habib Koite & Bamada

Quick Stats:
Putumayo Presents: Mali
57 MB
160 kbps (lame)
pw = MaliCrap

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I mentioned I had it and someone requested it,

So I posted it.
So there!
Portugal: The Story of Fado.

Warning: The last second of track 21 and the first second of track 22 has a small glitch. Once again, this came from the Library and some of the CDs look like a dog used it as a chew toy. However, only 10% really end up being unlistenable or unfixable. The two glitches on this aren't that bad and only last a 10th of a second. I can live with small glitches like these and I'll try not to post anymore things with artifacts. Ok, back to the CD. Oddly enough, the person that requested this is actually from Portugal and wants me to e-mail him or something if I post it. After I do this, I suspect I'll get a few people from Portugal looking at the words I'm writing right now. With this in mind, I'm not going to write much about Fado for fear of looking like a moron in front of Portuguese people that know far more about it than I do. I'll be honest, I'd never heard of Fado until I saw this CD and was mostly attracted by the cover. The guy looked sneaky and sinister so I thought it might be interesting. I made a good call on this one because It's damn good. I can't understand anything they say, but the singing is so expressive and the music so mournful that you get the idea. Fado means Fate or Destiny in Portuguese and these songs are all stories that end tragically. Ok, this is pretty much where my Fado knowledge ends, but I do know that I really like this Fado Compilation. The Hemisphere Compilations in general are done very well and tasteful.
Wiki Fado entry
AMG Review, "You won't find a better single-disc introduction to Portugal's heart-wrenching brand of blues. The word "fado" literally means fate, and there is a real sense of human fallibility in the singing and playing on every track. The selections were culled from recordings from the past 30 years, but this fine thread of humanity runs through them all. Beautiful music, tastefully programmed." (Escape Goat note: "Portugal's heart-wrenching brand of blues" is really pushing it, but I do see what the reviewer is getting at.)
Amazon info
Track List:
1. A Casa Da Mariquinhas - Alfredo Marceneiro
2. Nao Venhas Tarde - Carlos Ramos
3. Tia Macheta - Berta Cardosa
4. A Tendinha - Hermina Silva
5. A Rosinha Dos Limoes - Max
6. Rosa Enjeitada - Maria Teresa De Noronha
7. Partir E Morrer Um Pouco - Antonio Dos Santos
8. Foi Na Travessa Da Palha - Lucilic Do Carmo
9. Foi Deus - Amalia Rodrigues
10. Lisboa A Noite - Tony De Matos
11. Aquela Janela Virada Pro Mar - Tristao Da Silva
12. Fado Das Caldas - Vicente Da Camara
13. Belos Tempos - Fernando Farinha
14. Colchetes De Oiro - Hermano Da Camara
15. Fadista Louco - Antonio Mourao
16. Saudade Vai-Te-Embora - Fernanda Maria
17. Embucado - Joao Ferreira Rosa
18. Amar - Teresa Silva Carvalho
19. Saudade Mal Do Fado - Carlos Do Carmo
20. Arraial - Joao Braga
21. Ate Que A Voz Me Doa - Maria Da Fe
22. Carvalo Ruco - Nuno Da Camara Pereira

Quick Stats:
Portugal: The Story of Fado (Hemisphere label compilation)
75 MB
160 kbps
pw = fate

What's up Doc?

If this one doesn't make you smile and laugh, there's probably something wrong with you and you can not be in my gang! The Carl Stalling Project: Music From Warner Bros. Cartoons, 1936-1958
Warning: There are small glitches at the end of track 11, the beginning of track 12, and towards the beginning of track 15. They are slight, but nevertheless audible. This is just a sad part of life when checking CDs out from the Library. I have a few methods to work around bad discs and they are fairly successful, but once in awhile there is a disc that is impossible to do anything with. I've honestly only had a handful of discs that I just gave up on. The glitches on this one are not that bad. I wouldn't have kept it if they were.
This is simply a selection of Carl Stalling's music from Loony Tunes Cartoons and it is truly mesmerizing. Listening to it without staring at the cartoon will show you how absolutely brilliant Carl Stalling was. The weird part is that you can listen to it and watch the cartoons in your head. Several of the tracks here are live so you can hear the click track and Stalling's direction to the orchestra. You'll recognize, "Powerhouse" and, "Dinner Music For A Pack Of Hungary Cannibals" right away. Those two songs have a secret place in your brain and they need to come out every once in awhile. There really isn't much more to tell you about this other than you have to hear it.
AMG Review
Amazon info - There's a Volume 2! So you should probably buy that since the liner notes are highly informative and entertaining.
Carl Stalling Wiki

Track List:
1. Putty Tat Trouble Part 6
2. Hillbilly Hare
3. Early WB Scores: The Depression Era
4. The Good Egg
5. Various Cues From Bugs Bunny Films
6. There They Go Go Go
7. Stalling Self-Parody: Music From Porky's Preview
8. Anxiety Montage
9. Stalling: The War Years
10. Medley: Dinner Music For A Pack Of Hungary Cannibals
11. Carl Stalling With Milt Franklyn In Session
12. Speedy Gonzalez/Meets Two Crows From Taco
13. Powerhouse And Other Cuts From The Early 50's
14. Porky In Wackyland/Dough For The Do Do
15. To Itch His Own

Quick Stats:
The Carl Stalling Project: Music From Warner Bros. Cartoons, 1936-1958
87 MB
160 kbps
pw = ThatsAllFolks

For those from the Planet Zoot that may have never heard of Bugs Bunny, here's Bugs Bunny:
Bugs Bunny - What's Cookin' Doc (1944) a little over 8 Minutes.

Monday, May 29, 2006

50 hi-res pics of a slobberin' droolin' baby.

It's coming tomorrow.

Ugliest Cover Art Ever!

Hola! I'm not sure I need to spend too much time talking about Kronos Quartet. I'll just say they're a String Quartet that does things their own way. I've always liked them and apparently the Library does too because they have a lot of stuff by them. I've seen a few of their things posted on other sites, but not this one, Kronos Quartet - Nuevo. I've always thought some of the best music is the hardest to describe, and Brother, this one must be great because I'm having a difficult time trying to describe it. The unifying theme here is Mexican music. You get some Classical, Mariachi, campy 50's Esquivel, and an 11 minute Cafe Tacuba collaboration that adds Modern to the musical soup. Oh yeah, there's even a spastic "Dance Remix" of the first song. All songs are oddly and wonderfully produced by Gustavo Santaolalla. Speaking of which, the first song is supposed to sound crappy, so don't kick your computer or anything crazy like that. All I can say is that there's a lot to like about Nuevo , it's quite good. It was even nominated for a Latin Grammy, but I'll be damned if I can figure out how they would even classify it. One thing's for certain, if there was a Grammy award for ugliest cover art, The Kronos Quartet would have been standing on stage doing lots of High-Fives and thanking the blind guy who stamped the design on the construction paper. So other than the hideous cover art, check it out and give your brain a little musical treat.
Kronos Quartet Home Page
Kronos Wiki
AMG Review - "Amazon UK calls it "foremost a party record," and when was the last time a classical disc got reviewed like that? Prepare to be amazed." (Escape Goat note: That reviewer must go to some bizarro parties)

Track List:
1. El Sinaloense
Composed by Severiano Briseno
2. Se Me Hizo Facil
Composed by Agustin Lara
with Luanne Warner
3. Mini skirt
Composed by Juan Garcia Esquivel
with Luanne Warner
4. El Llorar (Crying)
Composed by Traditional
with Alejandro Flores
5. Perfidia
Composed by Alberto Dominguez
6. Sensemaya, for orchestra
Composed by Silvestre Revueltas
with Tambuco
7. K'in sventa Ch'ul Me'tik Kwadulupe (Festival for the Holy Mother Guadalupe)
Composed by Osvaldo Golijov
with Luanne Warner
8. Tabu (Taboo)
Composed by Margarita Lecuona
with Luis Conte
9. Cuatro milpas (Four Cornfields)
Composed by Belisario Garcia de Jesus, Jose Elizondo
10. Chavosuite
Composed by Ricardo Gallardo
11. Plasmaht
Composed by Ariel Guzik
12. Nacho verduzco
Composed by Chalino Sanchez
13. 12/12
Composed by Cafe Tacuba
with Cafe Tacuba
14. El Sinaloense (Dance Mix)

Quick Stats:
Kronos Quartet - Nuevo
90 MB
192 kbps (lame)
pw = CrapNuevo

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Remember to check out the May 2006 archives link!

My excessive verbiage makes my past crap posts invisible.
Your new favorite crappy group may be there!

This is to make up for the last one.

I feel a little guilty. The Brazil comp just didn't live up to my usual high standards of crap. It wasn't terrible mind you, it just wasn't excellent. It was a little lacking and I should have done better. So now gentle viewer, I hope to make it up to you. I present:
King Sunny Ade - Juju Music
As far as, "World Music" goes, this is a Top Gun. It was originally released in 1982 on the Mango label and if you like Mangoes, I know I do, you'll probably like this because it sounds like a Mango...if a Mango had a twenty piece band with a pedal steel and a synthesizer like King Sunny Ade has. I'm not exactly sure of King Sunny Ade's Royal heritage, but he's also known as the, "Minister of Enjoyment" and I'm not about to dispute those claims. They seem perfectly reasonable to me. This one IS excellent. Your head grooves slowly and your feet tap like crazy. You get all kinds of instruments thrown at you, but the groove remains the same. If you have any doubt at all about this, just snag it and give it a thorough listen. It's great!

Wiki King Sunny Ade
Wiki Juju Music
AMG Review
Track List:
1. Ja Funmi
2. Eje Nlo Gba Ara Mi
3. Mo Beru Agba
4. Sunny Ti De Ariya
5. Ma Jaiye Oni
6. 365 Is My Number/The Message
7. Samba/E Falaba Lewe

Quick Stats:
King Sunny Ade - Juju Music (Mango)
50 MB
160 kbps (lame)
pw = juju

Some Brazilian stuff.

Brazil Blue: I have far better Brazilian stuff than this one and will probably post some, but this one was just sitting there so I thought I'd put it up. The Hemisphere (EMI) series of compilations are usually pretty good. Hemisphere's: "The Story of Fado" is exceptional! There's a few big shots on the track list as well as some people I've never heard much of. This one is kind of hit and miss. There's some great light breezy uptempo toe tappers, but there's also some cheezy schmaltz. This compilation plays it pretty straight with nothing out of the ordinary. It's not terrible, but it's not exactly awesome either. Only a few real keepers. This is just my opinion. You may feel different. There's only one way to find out.

Track List:
1. Regra Tres - Doris Monteiro
2. Nereci - Djavan
3. Cidade Vazia - Milton Banana Trio
4. Sarau Para Radames - Paulinho Da Viola
5. O Cantador - Victor Assis Brasil
6. Comecar De Novo - Ivan Lins
7. Sao Tome - Flavio Venturini
8. Bate-Papo - Os Choroes
9. Chorando Baixinho - Abel Ferreira
10. Copacabana - Bola Sete
11. Samba De Uma Nota So/Surfboard - Joyce
12. Corcovado - Joao Gilberto
13. Emotiva No.1 - Helio Delmiro
14. Ecos - Joel Nascimento
15. Fica Mal Com Deus - Quarteto Novo
16. Milagre Dos Peixes - Miton Nascimento
17. Choro De Mae - Wagner Tiso
18. Nem Uma Lagrima - Nana Caymmi

Quick Stats:
Brazil Blur (Hemisphere)
73 MB
160 kbps (lame)
pw = hemisphere

Friday, May 26, 2006

Yay, 53 Countries! I'm truly astonished by this.

Today's extra special crap is, Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares - Melody Rhythm & Harmony. I think it's acceptable to call them The Bulgarian Women's Choir/Chorus instead. That's what I call them. I really really like this one because they sound so different. You can pick out many cultural influences in the music, mostly due to the history of Bulgaria, but it's more than simply a hodge-podge of influences. It's unique, alien and beautiful. Just as your ears start to get used to it, they add something different to the mix. This is a live performance recorded in Norway in 1993 and was even nominated for a Grammy. This is also the full performance spanning 2 CDs. There are many Women in the Choir so they have a lot of things to sing about. It was also re-released in 1994 and trimmed down to one CD. I think the person responsible for that should be doing hard prison time and never be allowed to see the sun again!

Track List:
Disc: 1
1. Introduction
2. Instrumental Suite
3. Ozdole Ide Devoitche (A Young Maiden Is Arriving)
4. Tih Vjater Vee (Soft Wind Is Blowing)
5. Grozda Moma (Young Grozda)
6. Dragana I Slavei (Dragna and the Nightingale)
7. Premeni Se Marko
8. Bre Ivane (Hey Ivan)
9. Kazhi, Kazhi, Angio (Tell Me Angio)
10. Tapan Bie (Beating the Drum)
11. Listni Se Goro (Green Forest)
12. S'gaida Na Horo [Dancing to the Bagpipe]
13. Strandjanska Rachinitza
14. Zakasnila E Lalitza
15. Vetchera I Rado
16. Zaro Mome
17. Jano, Hubavo Jano

Disc: 2
1. Introduction
2. Shopska Suite
3. Sednalo E Geore/Geore Dos
4. Sestro Dobriano (Sister Dobriano)
5. Tri Biulbiuia Pejat
6. Dimjaninka
7. Pilentze Pee (A Bird Is Singing)
8. Bre Petrounko
9. Lale Li Si (Are You a Tulip)
10. Kalugerine (The Monk)
11. Mechmetio
12. Dyulmano, Dyulbero
13. Kalimanko Denko (Godmother Denko)
14. Polegnala E Todora (Todora's Dream)

Quick Stats
Mystère des Voix Bulgares - Melody Rhythm & Harmony.
Disc 1 - 68 MB
Disc 2 - 79 MB
192 kbps (lame)
pw for both = Mystere

Thursday, May 25, 2006

In Celebration of a 1,000 hits, here's another one!

Yay, 1,000 hits and 49 Countries! Well 1,000 real soon anyway. The Best of Bollywood: 15 Classic Hits from the Indian Cinema. First of all: I don't see how any compilation that calls itself, "The Best of Bollywood" doesn't have 1 Asha Bhosle song! I can only guess it's some kind of contractual obligation that she wasn't on it or maybe her arch enemy made this compilation or something. Apparently Indian people like to sing and dance a lot. I have learned through Bollywood movies that there isn't any conflict that can't be resolved by an improptu singin' and dancin' number. It's probably the best conflict resolution technique I've ever seen. I know, I know, not all Bollywood movies are goofy musicals. I'm just having a little fun. I saw, "Bombay" a year or so ago and it really opened my eyes to just how good some Bollywood movies are. It's outstanding!
Here's the part where I test people to see if they're actually reading the stupid things I write. I'm at 49 different Countries right now and I'd like to break 50. My counter thingy is only good for another week. If you know anyone from a country that hasn't hit this site yet, send 'em a message and send my link. If you do this, I promise to continue posting the high quality crap you've come to expect. If you don't do this, I still Promise to continue posting the high quality crap you've come to expect. Then I'll go outside and kick a tree or a bug....maybe both.

Track List:
1. Pyar Do Par Lo - Sapna
2. Laila O Laila - Kanchan
3. Tere Sang Pyar Main - Lata Mangeshkar
4. Hey Maine - Lata Mangeshkar
5. Pal Bhar Ke Liye - Kishore Kumar
6. Ye Raatain - Lata Mangeshkar
7. Dil Aaj Shair Hai - Kishore Kumar
8. Wada Na Tod - Lata Mangeshkar
9. Mehbooba Mehbooba - Rahul Dev Burman
10. Kaahe Chhed - Kavita Krishnamurthy
11. Hum Tumhen Chahte Hain - Anand
12. Badi Mushkil - Alka Yagnik
13. Kehna Hi Kya - Chitra
14. Do Pyaar - Sonu Nigham
15. Chori Chori - Alka Yagnik

If you're really interested, the AMG entry also lists the movies that the songs came from.

Quick Stats:
The Best of Bollywood: 15 Classic Hits from the Indian Cinema (Hip-O)
89 MB
160 kbps
pw = AshaBhosle

Here's a Bollywood Movie clip.
You can really tell they are in love because people in love change their clothes a lot.

Sholem Man!

New Orleans Klezmer All Stars - The Big Kibosh Klezmer meets New Orleans for lunch and the Grateful Dead show up to join them. I'm not kidding, this one is wacky. Some songs are traditional. Some of them mix it up a little, and some of them, like the last song, turns into a 16 minute Klezmer Hippy freak-out. There's a 1 minute pause in the Hippy freak-out song so don't freak-out. They are trying to trick you or something.

Track List,
1. The Wake Up Call
2. A Viennese Freilach
3. Chaye!
4. Klip Klop
5. Lullaby
6. Di Zilberne Chasene (The Silver Wedding)
7. Transition To Buffet
8. Taking The Flower Arrangements Home After The Wedding
9. D'Bronx Tantz
10. Palestina
11. This One...
12. The Trio
13. ...Goes To Eleven
14. Bob's Birthday Song
15. Bweep, Bweep

Quick Stats:
New Orleans Klezmer All Stars - The Big Kibosh (Shanachie)
73 MB
160 kbps (lame)
pw = craposh

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"I Often Dream Of Trains"

Railroad Songs & Ballads
All Aboard! Songs by people that built, worked, or road around on trains (Hobos) from 1936 to 1959.
This one comes from the Library of Congress. Pretty cool huh? Here's the Library of Congress' Railroad Songs blurb. I guess you could also look around on the Library of Congress page to see what other kinds of oddball stuff they have too. I like this one, it's very interesting and gets you to think about stuff you probably never thought much of before. It won't win any audiophile awards, but what do you expect from a bunch of field recordings? Of note is the song, "The Big Rock Candy Mountains" by Harry McClintock, and this version is actually sang by him. The history and myth behind this song could fill a book. Here's a link to the, "Clean" lyrics on a Kid's web site. Read the little disclaimer at the top before the lyrics for a laugh, The Big Rock Candy. Here's a link to the Wiki entry that talks a little about the history of the songs and a jaw dropping verse that wasn't for obvious reasons on the Kid's web site, Wiki, The Big Rock Candy. Remember that bizarre and surreal Burger King commercial, "At the Tender Crip Bacon Cheddar Ranch?" The one where Hootie from, Hootie and the Blowfish (Horrible Band) is dressed up as a Cowboy playing the guitar and singing? Well it's really, "The Big Rock Candy Mountains." but you probably already knew that because only really smart people look at this site.
Track list:
1. Calling Trains - Various Artists
2. The Boss Of The Section Gang - Minta Morgan
3. Jerry Will You Ile That Car - Warde H. Ford
4. Lining Track - Henry Hankins
5. Roll On Buddy - Molly Jackson
6. Way Out In Idaho - Blaine Stubblefield
7. Oh, I'm A Jolly Irishman Winding On The Train - Nobel B. Brown
8. The Engineer - Lester A. Coffee
9. George Allen - Austin Harmon
10. The Wreck Of The Royal Palm - Clarence H. Wyatt
11. Train Blues - Fussell Wise, Mr. White
12. The New River Train - Ridge Rangers
13. The Train Is Off The Track - Esco Kilgore
14. Gonna Lay My Head Down On Some Railroad Line - Will Wright
15. I Rode Southern, I Rode L. & N. - Merle Lovell
16. The Lightning Express - Jim Holbert
17. Railroad Rag - Joe Harris, Kid West
18. The Railroader - May Kennedy McCord
19. The T. & P. Line - Mary Sullivan
20. The Dying Hobo - George Lay
21. The Big Rock Candy Mountains - Harry McClintock
22. I'm Going Home On The Morning Train - E.M. Martin, Pearline Johns

Quick Stats:
Railroad Songs and Ballads
55 MB
160 kbps
pw = HoboCamp

So dumb yourself down for 59 seconds, You've earned it!
The Burger King Commercial

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

H. Aram Gulezyan - Music of the Near East: The Oud
This is today's offering. I haven't listened to it in awhile so I don't remember much about it. I'll listen to it later this evening after the U.S.A vs. Morocco friendly match and add some links and crap like that.
I ain't adding crap. There's probably some stuff about the Oud and the Cd on the Internet or something. Suckiest game ever! Soccer is a stupid game anyway!
Congratulations to my friends from Morocco. Good win.

Track List:
1. Pharaonic Eqyptian (Oud Solo)
2. Oushak Taksim (Oud Solo)
3. Mevlevi Chefti
4. Orientale
5. Danse Arabe
6. Saz Samahi
7. Leb-Leb Bouji (Oud Solo)
8. Danse Kurte
9. Hey Laren
10. Hehr Sakbaktan
11. Karoon (Oud Solo)
12. Chefti-Tell ('Double Strings')

Quick Stats:
H. Aram Gulezyan - Music of the Near East: The Oud
49 MB
160 kbps
pw = theoud

Monday, May 22, 2006

It's a treat to beat your feet

on the Mississippi mud. It appears I've posted a curveball here. Not really, it came from the Library so it was fair game.
An Introduction To Bix Beiderbecke: His Best Recordings 1924-1930. Even though his name might be relatively unknown, he is a very important figure in the history of Jazz. He played in the days of, "White Bands" and "Black Bands" and was the first White Jazz Musician that Black Jazz Musicians paid attention to and admired. From Wiki Entry, "Louis Armstrong once remarked that he never played the tune "Singin' the Blues" because he thought Beiderbecke's classic recording of the song shouldn't be touched. As he later said, "Lots of cats tried to play like Bix; ain't none of them play like him yet". Well I'll be, "Singin' the Blues" is on this one. Ken Burns' documentary, "Jazz" has a little info and some real audio clips about Bix from it. PBS Jazz. Bix Beiderbecke only recorded for 6 years and died at the early age of 28. None of the sites I looked at exactly comes out and says it, but it's pretty clear he drank himself into an early grave. More than likely from medical complications arising from drinking Bathtub Gin and Rot Gut that was often served in the Prohibition Era Speakeasy type places he played and frequented.
If you like this, look into him some more. There are at least 50 other compilations of his music. Many that are restored/remastered spanning several discs.

Track List,
1. Oh Baby!
2. Riverboat Shuffle
3. Tiger Rag
4. Big Boy
5. My Pretty Girl
6. Singin' The Blues
7. Slow River
8. Riverboat Shuffle
9. I'm Coming Virginia
10. Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
11. For No Reason At All In C
12. In A Mist (Bixology)
13. Clementine
14. At The Jazz Band Ball - Bix Beiderbecke And His Gang
15. Jazz Me Blues
16. Sorry - Bix Beiderbecke And His Gang
17. Since My Best Gal TurnedMe Down - Bix Beiderbecke And His Gang
18. Lonely Melody
19. Mississippi Mud
20. From Monday On
21. Rhythm King - Bix Beiderbecke And His Gang
22. I'll Be A Friend 'With Pleasure' - Bix Beiderbecke And His Gang

Quick Stats:
An Introduction To Bix Beiderbecke: His Best Recordings 1924-1930
82 MB
192 kbps
pw = rotgut

Someone requested more Accordion music.

No really, this time a couple of people did! So here's another Rough Guide compilation. This one covers traditional Cajun music (Wiki Cajun) to some Bluesy sounding Zydeco. (Wiki Zydeco)
The AMG Review griped a little about the exclusion of Beau Jocque on this compilation so as a special bonus, I've included a Beau Jocque song, "Nonc Adam" that was on another compilation I had. Take that Mr. AMG!
California Cajun Orchestra? BLASPHEMOUS!

Track List,
1 One Step at a Time Clifton Chenier
2 Zydeco Boogaloo Buckwheat Zydeco
3 Balfa Waltz David Doucet
4 La 'Tit Cord (The Little String) Newman, Jimmy C.
5 La Misère M'a Fait Brailler John Delafose and the Eunice Playboys
6 Rolling Pin Beausoleil
7 Grande Bosco Eddie LeJeune
8 Bayou Pon Pon Michael Doucet
9 Two Step d'Amédé Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band
10 Disco et Fais Do-Do Bruce Daigrepont
11 Kolinda Beausoleil
12 Slow Horses and Fast Women Nathan & The Zydeco Cha Chas
13 La Pointe aux Pins Steve Riley
14 Fiddle Stomp Read Wallace Cheese
15 Jolie, Petite Blonde Nathan Abshire
16 Chico Two-Step California Cajun Orchestra
17 J'Etais au Bal Jo-El Sonnier
18 Let the Good Times Roll Buckwheat Zydeco
19 I Passed in Front of Your Door D.L. Menard
+ Nonc Adam Beau Jocque

Quick Stats:
Rough Guide to Cajun & Zydeco
80 MB
160 kbps (lame)
pw = lalala

Sunday, May 21, 2006

And the crap keeps coming!

HOORAY, Tuvan Throat Singers!
These guys are great! Huun-Huur-Tu - The Orphan's Lament. If you've never heard of Tuvan Throat Singing, do yourself a favor and do so now. It's some of the craziest stuff you'll ever hear. Huun-Huur-Tu are relatively famous as far as Tuvan Musicians are concerned, "members of Huun-Huur-Tu have contributed their unique vocals to albums and/or performances by Frank Zappa, The Chieftains, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, The Kronos Quartet and L. Shankar and Ry Cooder's soundtrack of the film, Geronimo."
What do you know? They have their own site. Check out the tours link. They travel around and perform a lot.
AMG Review
Wiki entry on Huun-Huur-Tu
Tuvan Throat singing falls under, "Overtone singing" and other groups employ this technique as well. More on Overtone Singing.
The Orphan's Lament isn't just solid Throat Singing, there's a lot of good traditional music backing it up. Once again, if you've never heard of this before, Huun-Huur-Tu - The Orphan's Lament
is a great introduction.
It's crazy crazy stuff Man!

Track List,
1. Prayer
2. Ancestors
3. Aa-Shuu Dekei-Oo
4. Eerbek-Aksy
5. The Orphan's Lament
6. Kaldak Khamar
7. Steppe
8. Borbanngadyr
9. Chiraa-Khoor (The Yellow Trotter)
10. Exile's Song
11. Eki Attar
12. Irik Chuduk (The Rotting Log)
13. Sygyt
14. Agitator
15. Khomuz Medley
16. Odugen Taiga

Quick Stats
Huun-Huur-Tu - The Orphan's Lament
86 MB
192 kbps (lame)
pw = CrapOrphan

Saturday, May 20, 2006

One more thin slice of crap. It's just a little piece.

Rough Guide to Sufi Music
Mr. AMG says,
"Most Westerners think of Sufi music in terms of the late great Persian qawwali vocalist Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan or of the whirling dervishes of the Mevlevi order in Turkey. It's not really Westerners' fault that the media have provided few images — in terms of Sufi culture — to work with. This volume by Rough Guides offers a solid view of the wealth and diversity inherent in the vast world of Sufi musical art. Along with the more well-known exponents of Sufi music such as Khan, the Sabri Brothers, Hassan Hakmoun, and the dervishes, there is the venerable Sheikh Ahmad Al-Tuni, Abida Parween, Ostad Elahi, Sheikh Ahmad Barrayah, Hamza Shakkur, and numerous others, making this a profound volume of, above all, sacred music from all the different musical traditions in the Indian and Persian worlds. This music is in places popular music, like Hakmoun's, and in most places purely for religious purposes. But no matter what the circumstance, it offers Westerners something that is truly, completely other: a different musical scale, more complex notions of harmony, and divergent paths for the human voice to take as it approaches the sacred. There is deep mystery and truth in this music; it reveals itself gently and amiably and caresses any listener open to encountering it without prejudice. There are other, more complete introductions to the Sufi world out there; however, they are all multiple-CD collections and are vastly overwhelming. This set, on a single, easily digestible disc, tears the veil of haunted mystery back from the Sufi world and offers it with integrity, musicality, accessibility, and elegance. This volume is the introduction to Sufi music."

That's quite a mouthful. I think the idea of the review is to make you feel like an idiot.
The joke's on him, I'm already an idiot.

My Review:
This is simply another fine Rough Guide Compilation, that completely ROCKS!
Have fun with this one. It's Outstanding!.

Track List:
1. Ferahfeza Peprev - Mevlana Kultur Ve Sanat Vakfy Sanatcylary
2. Az Hoosne Malihe Khud (Pakistan) - Sabri Brothers
3. Alam (Egypt) - Sheikh Ahmad Al-Tuni
4. Oalbi Yuhaddithuni (Egypt) - Sheikh Yasin Al-Tuhami
5. Saba Atu Rijal (Morocco) - Hassan Hakmoun
6. Tere Ishq Nachaaya (Pakistan) - Abida Parween
7. Shah Khoshini (Iran) - Ostad Elahi
8. Dembe (Senegal) - Boubacar Diagne
9. Al Asfur (Egypt) - Sheikh Ahmad Barrayn
10. Ghayri Ala S-Sulwan Qadir - Sama I Rast (Syria) - Hamza Shakkur
11. Rahway Wasdi Jhok Faridan Di (Pakistan) - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Quick Stats:
Rough Guide to Sufi Music
83 MB
160 kbps lame
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Saoco! Masters of Afro-Cuban Jazz

Anyone with even a passing knowledge of Afro-Cuban Jazz should be able to recognize a few names from the track and artist list. There's quite a few heavy hitters on this one. The music is from 1958 - 1973, and strangely enough on the Rhino label. This one probably isn't the best Afro-Cuban Compilation I've heard, but it's far from total crap. With a song like, "Hot Pants Road" it can't be all bad.
Track List,
1. La Descarga Del Bobo - Willie Bobo
2. Flamenco Ain't Bad - Sabu Martinez
3. Chino - Tito Puente & His Orchestra
4. El Senor Sid - Bobby Paunetto
5. Ochosi-Om-Mi - Mark Weinstein & His Cosa Nueva Orchestra
6. Saoco - Mongo Santamaria
7. Hot pants Road - Ocho
8. Vietnam Mambo - Pucho & The Latin Soul Brothers
9. Que Mambo - Francisco Aguabella Orchestra
10. Tanga - Machito & His Orchestra
11. Kush - Antonio (Chocolate) Diaz Mena & His Orchestra
12. Africa - Silvestre Mendez
13. His Groove - Eddie Cano/Nino Tempo
14. Guajira En Azul - Cal Tjader/Eddie Palmieri
15. Jazz Pachanga - Ray Barretto
16. Jumpin' With Symphony Sid - Louie Ramirez & His Orcehstra
17. Siboney - Cachao Y Su Orquesta
18. Clusters - Charlie Palmieri

Quick Stats:
Saoco! Masters of Afro-Cuban Jazz (Rhino)
93 MB
192 lame
pw = barretto (Ray Barretto, April 29, 1929 – February 17, 2006. R.I.P)

Someone requested Accordion music.

Just kidding. Nobody requested Accordian music, but I'm going to post some anyway.
Squeeze Play: A World Accordion Anthology
This one is a really nice Old School Compilation (20's through the 50's) of Accordion music from all over the world.
AMG says,
"Archivist Dick Spottswood (Escape Goat note: Dick Spottswood sounds suspiciously like a porn name, but he did a great job just the same.) does his usually excellent job unearthing vintage world music nuggets on this collection of accordion tunes from around the world. Highlights include a couple of klezmer pieces from 1920, two plaintive Romanian tunes from 1927, San Antonio's Trio Huracan on 1938's "Corrido de los Caminoeros" (Song of the Bus Drivers), and the legendary conjunto star Santiago Jimenez, Sr. doing the lively polka "La Piedrera." Spottswood also lincludes tracks that, in effect, downplay the accordion, such as a Polish goralski highlander ensemble recording of "Kumotersko," where accordionist Joe Pat is just audible under violins and string bass, and Joseph Dingaan's "Nonyembezi," a South African piece from 1954 which features a harmonica playing in accordion style. You'll also find rare Acadian French and Scottish sessions on this wonderful collection."
Track and Artist list.
1. Tarantella Teggianese - A. D'Elia
2. Dormi E Riposa - G. Gangone
3. The Drunkard's Last Will - Wladyslaw Polak
4. Best Friends' Song - Orkiestra Karol Stoch
5. Paul's Waltz - Bruno Rudzinski
6. The Mason's Apron (Reel) - Frank Murphy
7. Rodney's Glory (Long Dance) - The Hanfins
8. In Padure La Ghergani - Margarita Radulescu
9. The Girl From Ardeal - George Jivan
10. Song Of The Bus Drivers - Trio Huracan
11. La Piedrera (Polka) - Santiago Jimenez Y Sus Valedores
12. Ulele Izweni - Mahlautini Luthuli
13. Nonyembezi - Joseph Dingaan
14. Bessarabia Doina - Mishka Ziganoff
15. Tzygansky Hopak - Mishka Ziganoff
16. Miss Jessie Smith/The Kirrie Kebbuck (Strathspeys)/Petronella (Reel) - McHardy And Hosie
17. Brig O'Perth (Strathspey)/Inverness Gathering (Reel) - Bob And David Dalrymple
18. Politikos Manes - Kostas Karipis (Kariopoulos)
19. Politikos Sirtos - Papatzis-Tzakiris
20. Jump, Frog - Columbus Fruge
21. Never Drink No More - Joseph Falcon
22. Reel De Berthier - Vagabonds De Montreal
23. Italijanski Valcek - Strukelj Trio
24. Turn Of The Lights (Merengue) - Luis Quintero Y Su Conjunto Alma Cibaena

That sure is a lot of happy Accordion music isn't it?
Track 5, Paul's Waltz is a keeper
Quick Stats:
Squeeze Play: A World Accordion Anthology - Rounder
83 MB
160 kbps lame
pw = squeeze

Friday, May 19, 2006

Perfect example of Crap you can find at a Library.

Index on Censorship: Smashed Hits
This really isn't the CD Cover. There really isn't one, but this picture seemed kind of appropriate.
As far as I can tell, this CD really wasn't released in the way you think CDs are released. It was included in a magazine called, "Index on Censorship" Volume 27 No 6 November/December 1998. Issue 185, titled "Smashed Hits" to be exact. I'm guessing the Library yanked out the CD, slapped it in a Jewel Case, and put it with the other CDs to check out. Nifty huh? A Library is probably one of the few places you're ever going to find this one. I've seen a few other CDs that I think came from magazines.
The theme of this Compilation is that every song or artist on the CD was supposed to have been censored in some way. That's all I remember from the liner notes. I think it was just a photocopied page from the Magazine it came from. There's some really nice stuff on this one. The song by Flannel is amusing, it makes fun of the band Oasis. I figure Oasis didn't think it was very funny.
Track List:
01 - Tibetan Singing Nuns - The View from Drapchi Prison.mp3
02 - Crass - Bata Motel.mp3
03 - Malouma - Maghrour.mp3
04 - Fela Kuti - Sorrow, Tears and Blood.mp3
05 - Ian Drury - Spasticus Autisticus.mp3
06 - Eric Donaldson - Stand Up.mp3
07 - Mzwakeh Mbuli - Freedom from Puzzle.mp3
08 - Flannel - Gravy Train.mp3
09 - Exodus - Two Thumbs.mp3
10 - Hawkwind - Urban Guerilla.mp3
11 - Tibetan Singing Nuns - Rid the Holy Land of Tibet and of the Chinese.mp3

Quick Stats
Index on Censorship: Smashed Hits
58 MB
160 Kbps
pw = ouch


Mmmmmwwwwaaaaaaaahhhhhwaaaaawwwaaa mmmmwwwwaaaaa waaaaaaaannnnnnnn.
That's what a Didgeridoo sounds like. I can do it pretty good huh? Wiki Didgeridoo The crap du jour is, Rough Guide: Australian Aboriginal Music. I posted this to punish Australians for not looking at my crap. So you other people from Countries not looking at my crap, be warned. The Rough Guide series of CDs does the Compilation thing very well. On the other hand, the Putumayo CDs are really hit and miss. The Library has a boatload of them. If in doubt, go with a Rough Guide compilation over a Putumayo Compilation every time. Not that the Putumayo series is bad or anything, it's just that their music selections for the CDs seems a little contrived and pandering.
This particular compilation seems to go for a very respectful approach towards Aboriginal music. It runs the gamut from the very traditional to the very modern. The idea is to let the listener know that Aboriginal music is more than just a half naked guy sitting in the sand blowing through a wood tube.
Track list:
1. Saltwater - Dusty Legune & Campbell Allenbar
2. Kurongk Boy, Kurongk Girl - Ruby Hunter
3. Native Born - Archie Roach
4. Tjapukai Sunset - Tjapukai Dancers
5. Wongga Initiation Song - Rimijmara
6. Bullima - Mark Atkins
7. Kava Song - Waak Waak Jungi
8. Birth Songs - Mornington Island Dancers
9. Drag Net - Jimmy Murray
10. Heart Of My People - Tjapukai Dancers
11. Sik O - Christine Anu
12. Nyindi-Yindi - Arnhem Land
13. Buthamar - Budal Lardil
14. Celebration - Gapu
15. Bushfire - Alan Maralung
16. Black - David Page

Mark Atkins, the guy on track 6, is a bigshot on the Didgeridoo and has performed with, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, Hothouse Flowers, Philip Glass, and the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Quick stats:
Rough Guide: Australian Aboriginal Music
160 kbps
pw = oioioi

Here's a short video of a half naked guy blowing through a wood tube for some tourists.

Me put up more crap Man.

Uh oh, here comes trouble. It appears that the Rockers are coming our way and 6 of them are holding hands. Better cross the street.
We don't want any Rocker trouble.
Look at the track and artist list. Not much to say about this one.
Other than It's a soundtrack to a movie.
I've never seen it, but I bet there is a lot of people playing music. Maybe some minor ganja usage and a little trouble with the law. I'm kind of an expert on these kinds of things.

1. We 'A' Rockers - Inner Circle
2. Money Worries - Maytones
3. Police And Thieves - Junior Murvin
4. Book Of Rules - The Heptones
5. Stepping Razor - Peter Tosh
6. Tenement Yard - Jacob Miller
7. Fade Away - Junior Byles
8. Rockers - Bunny Wailer
9. Slave Master - Gregory Isaacs
10. Dread Lion - The Upsetters Listen
11. Graduation In Zion - Kiddus I
12. Jah No Dead - Burning Spear
13. Satta Massagana - Third World
14. Natty Take Over - Justin Hinds And The Dominoes

Quick Stats:
Rockers - Soundtrack
53 Mb
160 kbps lame (as always)
pw = yuck

Peter Tosh. Live in Brazil!
Not the best video or the best sounding, but stick with it for a little bit, it's kind of funny.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

What the hell, one more for today.

Oh boy, you're really in for a treat. You may also be in for a nightmare. Värttinä, from Finland, has that effect on people. I first heard of them from the 3 CD box set from Ellipsis Arts called, "Planet Soup." The concept of Planet Soup was to have Musicians from one culture play music of another. Like Tuvan throat singers doing a Blues tune or An American Musician doing an Indian Raga.....ON A BANJO! Some of the stuff worked and some of it didn't. The booklet described Värttinä as, "the Go-Go's on speed." The particular song, "Katariina" is a fair assessment. I saw this in the library and picked it up because, "Katariina" was on it. They had a few of their other CDs as well.
From AMG,
"It must be admitted that Värttinä is not for everyone. The quartet of high-pitched, rapidly singing Finnish women who front the group would be a migraine-sufferer's worst nightmare. But if you like vocal enthusiasm and precision, this album is for you.
Aitara prominently displays the band's secret weapon: its instrumentalists. These four men and one woman coax a big, rich, and varied song out of bouzouki, accordion, sax, Hammond organ, violin, drums, and Finland's traditional instrument, the kantele, a kind of zither. If the low, reedy sounds of the accordion and baritone sax on "Mie Tahon Tanssia" ("I Want to Dance") were not there to offset the ladies, then they would be pretty hard to take, even for a fan. On "Outona Omilla Mailla" ("Stranger in My Own Land"), the instruments set an almost gothic mood of alienation. At first, the singers reinforce this mood but then reverse it with one of those quick shifts at which they are experts."

Quick Stats
Värttinä Aitara
48 MB
160 kbps lame 3.96.1
pw = screay

Hey, what do you know? I found a video of a live performance by them. YAY!
Even if you don't like their music, their live performances are really worth checking out. Just watch and you'll see why. By the way, about halfway through this song, it sounds like they have been possessed by a Demon. Don't worry, it's in Finnish. It just kind of sounds that way :)
No offense to my Finnish visitor.
Värttinä, "Aijo"

Crap has been demanded! Crap will be delivered.

today's installment of crap comes from The Master Musicians of Jajouka: Apocalypse Across the Sky.

I picked this one up because it looked kind of exotic. When I turned the CD over, I saw that Bill Laswell had produced it, so I knew it had to be cool or at the very least, the music would be crappy but the production would be cool. Both are really cool.
Ok, where the hell is Jajouka and why is it such a great place for Master Musicians to reside? Well, Jajouka is in Northern Morocco and the Master Musicians are kind of bred there to be Master Musicians. I can think of far worse occupations to be bred to do. The Master Stable Cleaners of Jajouka would be an example. William Burroughs remarked that they sound like a 4,000 year old Rock 'n Roll band. On some songs I think they sound like a 4,000 year old North African version of a Drum and Bugle Corps.
Here's the wiki entry:
I also have the Brian Jones Master Musicians of Jajouka too, but I didn't get that at the library so it would be dishonest to post.
Here is the AMG entry
I couldn't find any videos of the Master Musicians. They're probably camera shy or something.
Here's what you get:
1. Gabahay
2. A Habibi Ouajee T'Allel Allaiya
3. El Medahey
4. Bujloudia 'Bujloudia Dancing With Aisha Qandisha'
5. Alalilla 'About The Night'
6. The Middle Of The Night
7. Bujloudia Listen Listen
8. Jajouka Between The Mountains
9. Memories Of My Father
10. Mohamed Diha Utalla Fiha (Take Care Of Her Or Leave Her)
11. Sbar Yagelbi Sbar
12. On Horseback
13. Talaha L'badro Alaina

Quick Stats:
The Master Musicians of Jajouka: Apocalypse Across the Sky.
Produced by Bill Laswell on his Axiom Label.
95 MB
192 kbps lame 3.96.1
pw = DrumBanger

I found this site yesterday and thought people should know it exists.
It's a world wide who's who of Pan Flutists and their individual web sites and Pan Flute Builders and Dealers. Not that I have any great affinity for Pan Flute players or anything like that, I just thought it was kind of neat that they have their own little cyber gang.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Language is a Virus

Next up:
Women in Electronic Music - 1977
Make no mistake, This is NOT Electronica. It's experimetal. Some of it is lovely. Some of it will
make you think your speakers are shot. Some of it is downright creepy. But all of it is interesting.
There was a Picture of Laurie Anderson in the liner notes that was so old that she had normal looking hair. I don't have that picture to post right now because I had to check it back in.
Libraries don't let you check stuff out forever you know.
Laurie Anderson's two songs on this CD pre-date Big Science by 4 or 5 years.
By the way, Anderson was commissioned in 2004 to be NASA's artist-in-residence.
Article here:
I dunno, I just thought it was weird that NASA would need a performance artist to promote themselves.
If I knew anything more about the other Women on this Compilation, I'd probably say something about them. I can say that Bye Bye Butterfly by, Pauline Oliveros is one of the weirder songs I've ever heard and I listen to a lot of weird stuff.
If any of you ever go to the Library, don't neglect the Classical Section.
Which is where I found this one.
CDs like this often drive Librarians crazy because they don't know how to classify them.
I've even found Brian Eno CDs under Jazz.
Here's an Amazon link
and the Track and Artist List:

1. Music Of The Spheres - Johanna M. Beyer
2. World Rhythms - Annea Lockwood
3. Bye Bye Butterfly - Pauline Oliveros
4. Appalachian Grove I - Laurie Spiegel
5. I Could Sit Here All Day - Megan Roberts
6. Points - Ruth Anderson
7. New York Social Life - Laurie Anderson
8. Time To Go - Laurie Anderson

Quick Stats
Women In Electronic Music
Composers Recordings
64 MB Lame 3.96.1
192 kbps
pw = fooey
Just for the hell of it here's a nice Laurie Anderson Video. You can even see Adrian Belew if you look real hard.
Language is a Virus

Oh, it's on.

We start with this little gem,
Rhythms of Rapture: Sacred Musics of Haitian Vodou.
Sounds very a SCARY huh?
You better believe it pal. Just look at the scary skeleton vodou guy playing
the guitar. I wouldn't look directly at him if I were you.
It's on the Smithsonian Folkways label which kind of makes you feel a little
smarter just knowing that. Track 12 employs the Sacred Eddie Van Halen finger-tapping technique.
Here's the link:

Quick Stats:
Rhythms of Rapture: Sacred Musics of Haitian Vodou 1995 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings.
68 MB
160 kbps lame 3.96.1 (sounds just fine)
pass = scary

I've included a little Vodou Dance video below for your pleasure.
I'm not sure what they are so exited about, but it looks fun.
Maybe they are trying to re-fill that bottle of booze on the table.

Welcome to Crap I Found at the Library.

I'm just going to put up music I checked out at the local public library.
It's that simple. That's my angle.

No I'm not the President of the National Public Library Association.
I don't know if there really is such an organization, but if there was,
I would spurn their offers of being the President.
So In your face possible National Public Library Association!
I find the library to be a wonderful treasure trove of all kinds of crap.
From the, "Holy crap, I can't believe they have this!" to the, "Holy
crap, I can't believe they have this."

Let's get to the crap!